Across the brown- orange earth, a splick of white cuts under the mountains. 12,000km2 of salt pans across the desert in one of natures most bizarre, unique, otherworldly spectacles. The salt is blindingly white, the sky is cloudless and the curvature of the earth draws the horizon. This is salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world, and the main attraction for in three day trip across Bolivia. You have to see it.

The Lakes
From San Pedro de Atacama, after border control, are the many coloured desert lakes. From Laguna verde, where the sun creates a turquoise glitter, to the thermal pools, to warm your icy bones, the natural beauties are everywhere. The day climaxes with Laguna Colorada, the red lake. 60km2, only 80cm deep, it’s stained a rich red and full of thousands of flamingoes. Add in the bright sun and mountains, and you’ve got a winner.

The Rocks
The second day is centred around rock formations. The volcanic ash has created rock, which is then worn and weathered to create sculptures and canyons. See El Copa del Mundo, The Camel, The Lost City and the Inca Canyon



The Salt
The ultimate day is all salt. Start it off waking in your salt room in the salt hotel, built with salt bricks and carpeted in salt gravel. The rest of the day is dedicated to the salt flats themselves. Climb the cactus infested Isla Incahuasi and then have hours of fun taking perspective photos down on the salt.


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