Sucre-the white city- is a picturesque maze of old buildings and pretty nooks . As the official capital, it often gets overshadowed by the business centre, La Paz, much like the Canberra-Sydney complex, but sucre is a wonderful city in its own right. It’s UNESCO title means that city is well maintained and well loved, a beautiful city to see and be in.

Like most South American towns, Sucre was built by the Spanish and has a tried and tested Plaza de Armas and grid system. The main square of sucre is wonderfully green, with a central fountain, cafes, benches, vendors and a grand cathedral of course. Four or five blocks south you’ll find Bolivia park, edged by the justice courts and pretty fountains. Walk just as far north, and you’ll find La Recoleta. The uphill climb and thinner air will leave you hot and puffy but the views at the town are worth it. Look out over the town centre, like white icing sprinkled with terracotta, and up to the hills. La Recoleta is cobbled streets, white archways and children’s playing on the plaza.

An eye opener is Sucre central market. If you need it, they’ve got it, if you want it, they’ve got it, if you’ve never heard of it, they’ve got it. Pick the softest avocados from the mountain, taste the chili sauces and get a bag for dinner, buy a round of goats cheese, homemade chorizo, rosemary, fresh bread, chocolates, potatoes… head to the fruit ladies for an enormous fresh fruit smoothie, any combination, milk or water, sugar or natural, don’t forget your free refil! If you haven’t eaten your way into a coma yet, head upstairs to La Comida Traditional for some tasty surprises. My Spanish is okay, but the menus are still a guessing game. Have a peek into the cooking pots and follow your nose. Corn soups, chicken and rice, creamy pasta, all with secret herbs and spices. The market will leave you full, dazzled and your wallet will be singing too.

Fruit smoothie 5B
Goats Cheese 5-15B
Chorizo 1 kilo for 17B
Avocado 4 for 10B
Soup 5B
Main dishes 10B
Double chorizo sandwich 13B
Chili sauce 1B
Eggs 60-80c
Bread 4 for 2B

Another thing to note is the available Spanish lessons. Rumoured to be the cheapest in Bolivia and centrainly South America, this is the place to brush up on your skills (beyond una cerveza por favor). Classes can be found through hostels, and usually cost around 4B per lesson.


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