It took us 18hours from Buenos Aires and 26hours to Salta, but we made it to Iguazu falls and it was all worth it. The falls and rivers connect Argentina and Brazil, with a magnitude, a force that humbles both nations. While the water isn’t textbook ‘pretty’, it is exhilarating, powerful and inconceivably huge. 275 falls pan across 3km, moving at 450,000 cubic metres per second. Iguazu dwarfs Niagara, being higher and wider, and is a waterfall like no other.

Take the shuttle bus from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, (A$130 return) that leaves every twenty minutes from the bus station. At the park, the entrance fee is a further A$500, and from there you’re in! Three main walking tracks give full views of Iguazu and the jungle around it. First the lower circuit for the front on glimpse and a spray from Bossetti. Next is the upper circuit, for walks along the top edges of the falls. Finally, is the Garganta del Diablo, the Devils Throat. For this one, take the free train to the start of the walkway and make you way across the top of the river. At the end you’ll find the throat itself, with masses of water, plumes of spray and lots of noise.



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