As the grey rain closed in, we left fjordland and headed south east. It took us two days to get round to Dunedin, cruising along the empty roads and open fields. The area is mostly quiet villages and grazing sheep, despite the weather we found a few nice spots to have poke around.

Curio Bay
The most southernly point in New Zealand is Slope Point. Next to that is Curio Bay, a small pristine beach and grassy headland. The beach is famous for being far south, having a petrified forest and being home to a school of dolphins! The beach is easy to access and a pretty place for lunch. Go for a swim if you’re up for the semi-arctic chill, and you’re likely to be rewarded with a curious dolphin. Remember to give them space and let them come to you. We preferred watching from a friendly distance on the warm beach, and keeping our bones un-frozen.

Curios museum
What started off as a creative collection has turned into an inventors dream. A large caravan full of buttons to push, games to play, levers to pull and all things wonderful, makes a bizarrely brilliant museum. Satisfy your curiosity and entertain your inner child, plus, it’s free!







Other things in the area:

  • Doubtful sound – The less visited of the two major sounds
  • Cadbury world Dunedin – See a chocolate waterfall, create you own flavour combinations and taste New Zealand’s obsession with marshmallow
  • The CaItlins – The pride of the southland, with plenty of walking trails
  • Maclean falls – A pretty waterfall, climb up for a better view and a bit of spray

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