Time for the answer bound to pop up at your next pup quiz, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and while we’re at it Canberra is Australia’s and Ottawa is Canada’s. We stayed for two nights in the Wellington, in preparation for our ferry South and to see what the city had to offer.

Te Papa Museum
The Te Papa museum is brilliant for a dose of knowledge and culture. It’s considered to be the holy grail of Maori information, with exhibitions on the treaty of Waitangi, the migration of Maori people from Hawaiki, traditional ceremonies and beliefs, as well as the origins and use of the Hakka. The museum will also give you an insight into the modern Kiwi, immigration from past to present, native animals and lands, the effects of Maori settlers and later, European colonisation, the kiwi’s role in WWII, and they even have a (polar, deep sea) colossal squid.

Cuba Street
Right in the centre of town is Cuba Street, a hub of quirky bars, small cosy restaurants and artsy shops. In the day, there’s not much to see, but at night the place is a buzz. Try Fidel’s, themed on the revolutionary South American leader, serving funky Cuban food and coffee. The laundrette on the corner? Go in for delicious food, a signature cocktail or a fresh pint of kiwi beer ‘The Garage Project’. For food, you’re spoilt for choice, have a wood-fired pizza, a Thai infusion or something truly Cuban from the many island-inspired hubs.


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