New Zealand

As far away from Britain as you can get, on the side of the world where everything’s upside down, we found a home away from home. Like a long lost sister, New Zealand has hills of cows and sheep, mild temperatures, left hand driving and even marmite. But being so far away, it’s so different too. Muddled with Moari culture, and saturated with natural wonders, NZ gave us seven weeks of beautiful experiences.

The Van
New Zealand is a place to be outdoors and with so much to see it makes the ultimate road trip. There are cruises, tours and backpacker buses available, but the best way to see it all is in a van. The reason the van works so well is because all the gems are little stops along small side roads, rather than the plotted official ‘must see’ route a tour would take you to. Campers are also the way to get that feeling of freedom. Swim in endless lakes in the morning, have lunch with a
mountain view and sleep under the stars (they really put on a show for the kiwis). Vans go from ‘how does it all fit in there?’ size to ‘ooh I bet theirs has a shower’ to ‘do you have twelve children, four dogs and a large cow, because your van is a lorry?!’..






The last thing to mention about camper vans, is the whole self contained fiasco. Being self contained usually means your vehicle has a porter potty, which in turn means you can camp for free in designated areas around the country. No potty, no camping, or pay the $200 fine. Ouch. What’s a porter potty? Exactly as it sounds, you have a potty and tub below to catch all your funny bits in. You then go to dump sites and empty out your funny bits into a drain, watch out for splashback! As you can guess we didn’t go near ours. I’d rather sh*t in the wood thanks. We named our van Kaggie, and she took us from the beaches of the north to the glaciers of the south and back again. Camping in a van is an adventure in itself, she will be fondly remembered and missed.


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