Noosa Everglades

Noosa is not the kind of place you’ve heard about, even when you’re planning a trip to Australia, but for me it was one of the highlights of the East Coast. The town is high end, with a rather nice Main Street, surf club, and soft sandy beach. The attraction is the Noosa Everglades, one of only two Everglades in the world.

We were booked on to Gagaju Bushcamp for three nights camping. The tour pays for entry into the Everglades protected area ($20), three nights camping and transport, use of the canoes and camp supervisors ($50). The Everglades stretch for miles, are warm, full of fish, and crocodile free -we hoped. Mangroves line the sides of glittering green water and sting ray nurseries sit in the sandy shallows. To see all of this, we canoed up to the nearest town and back, how lovely, you say? It was agony. 20km round trip, battling the current, in the full Aussie sun, it killed us. But like a good walk, the pain was worth it.

In the evenings, there’s nothing to do except socialise. We soon all caught on to ‘goon o’clock’, because how else would we do it? They were long nights of goon pong, campfires, tripping over logs, forgetting about the snakes in your tent and later, skinny dipping. The water is so warm, and in the full darkness of night the stars were out like I’ve never seen them. The glow from above was matched with the glow from below. The water glows too! In some kind of phosphorus, algae, natural wonder, the water of the Everglades glows with movement. The nights at the Noosa Everglades were perfect, the natural beauty and new friends made for a damn good tour. If you have time, stop at the Everglades, meet the real local aussies who run it and see some cool nature.



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