Sydney is the star of the show, the big attraction, for Australia’s East Coast. With the bustling business, international trade, tourism booming, and the harbour of all harbours, it’s no wonder people think it’s the capital. We went for four days and had a quick look, to see what the fuss was about.
Sydney is Sydney, it’s a city, built on a harbour, with an iconic opera house. For me this is why it’s taken so long to write about it, because I don’t know how I feel about it. The city is like any other, with a park and a shopping centre and office blocks and Starbucks on every corner.

The harbour is where Sydney gets pretty, and the whole reason the city is there. It’s 19km long, 55km squared, and has a multitude of separate bays, but is hidden behind a small unremarkable opening, like a secret sea. Take the ferry to Manly to get a full view of it all from the water. You can see the harbour in all its glory and get a sense of how big the place is. Did I mention it’s very pretty? Manly itself is a small town that stretches along another trademark Aussie beach. Grab a spot on the sand and bask it it’s loveliness, or get a traditional seaside fish & chips* to munch while you look out to sea.

We didn’t have long in Sydney and the weather was apocalyptic, so we couldn’t explore the bays, do any walks, or spend much time outdoors. Other things in the city are The Rocks, Bondi Beach, the Botanical Gardens, and hefty lot of nightlife. It needs time to see it properly, more than it takes to grab an ice cream and a quick snap of the bay. Maybe on another trip.

*Warning: Australasian fish & chips are not British fish & chips. Fish may be a small shark and chips are not disgustingly soggy with sauce, as you would expect.


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