Byron Bay

If you’ve ever been to my hometown Moseley, in Birmingham, you’ll know it’s lush, friendly, and artsy. Byron Bay is reminded me of home, with its hippie-ville label and chilled out vibes.


It isn’t a town for doing much, but it feels nice to be there. Stroll around town, buy some rainbow clothes, have you palm read or take surf lessons. Most people head to the beach, to take on the waves or snooze in the sun. Another popular thing to do is to take the bus to nearby Nim Bim. There are a few options and prices, but the basic idea is that you’re on a ‘trip’ trip. We didn’t see the appeal but friends tell me the town is a whole lot of smoke and pill fun.

Photo 13-12-2016, 14 40 39

Every Sunday there’s a farmers market in town. Locals come with their own produce, including tempting pies, preserves, meats, veggies, breads etc. The crystal sellers and free love promoters are out in all their glory too. It’s also a opportunity to hear some good music, as there’s a stand with local artists playing and selling their sound.

Photo 14-12-2016, 17 48 59

If you want to get out of town, the lighthouse walk is beautiful. Sunset is the best time to go, when the heat of the day has gone but there’s still light to see. There’s a path along the road but the picturesque route of the same distance takes you through the woods including lots of absolutely stunning views of both beaches and the coast. The lighthouse itself has its own history and is a cute little white tower. Top tip, take a jacket as the windy cliff & sundown combo can get a bit nippy.


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