Gaining independence in the sixties, Singapore is a thriving city-state that has become a modern, economical, innovative place, sitting up there with international big guns. It’s known for its humidity, cleanliness and famous cocktail, but beyond that most people know little about it -including us. With three days in the city, we absorbed all we could, zipping from historical walks to eco forests on their super wizzy transport systems.

Gardens by the Bay
The gardens are a series of gardens that make up a public park, which doubles up as a conservation project and living museum. Between huge grassy areas and lakes, are the sun pavilion garden, Chinese garden, rock garden, as well as the impressive super trees. These metal trees work as solar panels, water filters and climbing frames for the gardens around them, doing what trees would usually do, but on a grand scale. Pay a little extra and you can do a sky walk among the super trees, other options are the two conservatories. We chose the Cloud Forest and we’re not disappointed. Inside, walk among waterfalls and learn about the unique fauna and flora of cloud forests. Climb up their mountain and walk through their foggy layers!

Marina Bay
Singapores marina spans from the shipping containers, to the private sailboats, to the ferries on to the restaurants and eateries. The water skirts the city, giving it access as a port as well as pretty place to chill out. The bay sits just in front of the huge shopping centres, banks and art galleries, shaping a lovely view across to the other side, where there are cafes and eateries along breezy tree lined walkways. In the bustle of Singapore, the marina is a lively breath of fresh air.

Singapore from above
Singapore is massive, and you can see it all without running around like a madman. Take a trip to one of the cities rooftop bars for a 360 degree view. We went to Altitude bar, where you can go the full 64 stories, to toast our last night in Asia and see the lights come on as sun goes down. The bar is simple, but the view is spectacular. Top it off with a Singapore sling -what else?- and pose for an obligatory photo.


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