Tanah Rata

The Cameron highlands is one of the oldest forests in the world. They cover hundreds of miles of north east Malaysia and make a for a great hiking stop on our trip. Having shuffled around in the heat for months, the idea of cool jungle walks sounded like a glass of wine after a long day.

We headed to Tanah Rata, one of three small towns in the area. Because of the cooler, wetter mountain climate, the towns are home to strawberry, honey and tea farms. Spot giant plastic strawberries, strawberry socks, strawberry handbags, strawberry everything in the town. The two tea farms (Boh tea) offer tours for a price, or you can sit in the cafe and look out over the tea fields. Besides a few little shops, Tanah Rata is a mosque, a school, a bus station and houses. Hiking is what we’d come for, and hike we did. There are ten routes through the highlands, varying in length and difficulty. We walked though thick wet woodland, clambered up roots of tall red barked trees and got caught in a rain storm in the mossy Forrest. It was cold, dark and wet but naturally beautiful, our cool dip from the madness of Asia.


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