Kuala Lumpur

The capital, the big cheese, the buzz, Kuala Lumpur. The city dominates this part of South East Asia, housing 1.7m people and boasts hug every international trade. Stand under the Patronas Towers in the huge business district, weave through the noisy crowds at china town market, eat unknown spicy parcels in little India, and shop til you drop, well, basically everywhere.

China Town Market
The Chinese have spread across the world and left their mark. Just like most towns, there’s an abundance of Chinese food, and just like most cities, there’s a Chinese district. Here, the stalls fall out of the shops, the shops tuck into archways and alleyways and all ways, people come from left and right, everything is vibrant, is smells divine, and gorgeous little things scream ‘buy me’.
Islamic Arts Museum
It doesn’t matter what you believe, if you’re interested in culture, art, architecture or history, take a trip the Islamic arts museum. The building itself is impressive, with gorgeous domes and high ceilings, it echoes art galleries and of course, a tranquil places of worship and respect. The main exhibitions are ancient scripture, including plans for Haaj and the holy cities, Islamic buildings of significance, complete with models and histories, and Islam around the world. I loved the spectacular Islamic-Chinese symbol paintings, African clothing, Arabic weapons and -typical me- the books. A ticket costs RM, which gives entry to the main exhibitions. Learn something new and see a bit of what is dear to so many people around the world, it’s pretty damn good.


After over four months of sweaty jungle, tropical rain storms, elephant poo-filled rivers, dusty roads, sun screen, sea water, hiking, and all kinds of adventure, our clothes were in tatters you would be reluctant to give to a house elf. Kuala Lumpur’s shopping centres are immense and have everything you could possibly need. Having more time in the city than we thought, we reaped the shops, picking up exciting things like tank tops without holes in and pyjama bottoms (a dorm must). For those with more style and taste than me, find endless fun in brands like Chanel, Cartier, Sephora, Nike and kiels. Food is equally as luxurious, with artisan ice cream, tepanyaki and organic juices. Pick and chose from the wealth of tasty, pretty, indulgent things that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.
Other things to see and do:
– National science museum
– Perdana botanic garden (park)
– Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


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