Transport in Asia: The Rules

These are the rules To stick to for a less heart attack inducing trip from A to B. Some things you have to find out for yourself, but these may help. Good luck!

1. Keep your bag of valuables on you. An obvious one but I mean it; sleep with it, sweat with it, tie it to yourself straight jacket style.
2. Stay calm. Whatever happens, in whatever timeframe, and whichever language, you will get there.
3. Ask, ask and ask again. Where it goes from, destination, time, is this the right bus… these are things you need to know but things a lot of people won’t know or won’t tell you. Ask more than one person and you should get your answer, and then double check that answer.
4. Be ready to move. There’s often two or three different vehicles to move between before you get on the road, so don’t get comfy til you’re out of town.
5. Do your research. There are often hidden extra costs, changeover points, entrance fees and dodgy dealings. So check online what your route is, see what others say and don’t be afraid to pipe up if you think it’s wrong.

Whatever your journey brings, as long as your safe then who cares. Sure there’s a woman with a chicken shouting down the phone at 6am, a small child has just vomitted in the chairs across from you, the driver wants extra off the record cash for no reason and he’s getting angrier, a lorry has hit another, overturned and blocked the tiny dirt road…but it’s all part of the fun, part of the memories you make of your trip. You’ll get there safe and sound, embrace the rest!


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