Cambodia is a country rich with history and culture, boasting the beautiful Angkor Wat and at the same time a heartbreaking suffering. It is because of this period of suffering that Cambodia is set back from the rest of South East Asia, but that is also what makes its character, its friendly and fascinating culture.

People are honest, always ready to help, with a wide grin on their face. They’re concerned with your well being, inquisitive about your activities, wanting to connect with you. If seems stupid saying it, but you feel their warmth, their joy and hopes. They seem glad to have what they have, knowing that it could be and has been worse.

Our trip through Cambodia started in Siem Reap, where we spent four days doing the classic Angkor temples and much much imagemore. We then took a bus down to backpackers kingdom Sihanoukville, from which we went to the idyllic island Koh Rong. After almost ten days treating ourselves to a sandy break, we went east along the coast to Kampot. The town is small and quiet, a base for lots of day trips. We took a day trip to the next town, Kep, for some crab market fun. Coming towards the end of the month, a bus took us to Phnom Penh. We spent three nights in the Capitol, taking in the last of Cambodia.


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