Hong Kong: First Impressions

I’d never been to Asia before, but after 25hours, I found myself right in the middle of Hong Kong. This is the first stop on our big trip, two weeks in the city before heading off on our own. First impressions were noise and heat. This is still true. After a little more time were starting to get a different feel for the place. In among the big city chaos, there are slivers of reality, and of the lives
normal people here lead. Most of them have a market stall, or drive trams, other are teachers or cooks. The life of these people is behind closed doors (literally, I’ve seen people close doors on their private clubs or conversations), and in the shadow of Hong Kongs skyscrapers.

So far the best experiences have been the street food. What you can find through these closed imagedoors is incredible. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m eating, but it’s fresh, honest food and it tastes damn good. Food wise, it’s quite hard finding Chinese food. Because of the world market, and multi cultural audience, Hong Kong offers a mixture of all cuisine. When is comes to east Asian food, Thai dishes seem to dominate the market. You can spend hours trying to find a
local dim sum, bloody delicious when found, but hours none the less.

The general feeling in Hong Kong is that it’s very modern and pretty safe. Affluence fuels the architecture and the culture, not leaving much room for the poor. On Sundays, all the workers and maids have their day off. The streets fill with people, who sit in clusters of 40 or 50, to talk and catch up, to sell and buy. Another hidden door of Hong Kong opened, this time the super-rich are the unseen.



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